from Monday to Saturday: 11pm – 5pm

Only 6.50£ Ayy dish comes with Chips or Rice

Dish of the day

Please ask your server

Mezza Platter
A selection of 6 mezzas
(Chef choice).

Shawarma Meal
Chicken shawarma with hummus,
salad, rice or chips.

Falafel Meal
Served with hummus, salad, rice
and chips.

Chicken Wings Meal
Served with Hummus, salad,
rice or chips.

Kafta Meal
Lamb Kafta served with hummus,
salad, rice or chips.

Chicken Shish Meal
Cubes of marinated chicken served
with hummus, salad, rice or chips.

Lamb Shish Meal
Cubes of marinated lamb served
with hummus, salad, rices or chips.

Batata Harra Meal
Potato served with hummus,
salad and rice.

Mousaka with Rice
Oven baked aubergine cooked
with chickpeas & tomato sauce.

Bamia with Rice
Okra cooked with
tomato & coriander sauce

Sandwiches   5.50£

Any Sandwiches Comes With Chips And Soft Drinks

Chicken Shawarma
Tender slices of roasted chicken.

Shish Taouk (chicken shish)
Grilled marinated chicken cubes.

Lahem Meshwi (Lamb Shish)
Grilled marinated lamb cubes.

Kafta (Kebab)
Grilled minced lamb.

Spicy sausages.

Chicken Liver
Pan fried chicken liver

Fried chickpeas, broad beans and spices

Grilled hallomi cheese

Batata Hara
Cubes of potato sauteed
with garlic, coriander,
pepper and chilli